Best work ever? Disappointing.

People are telling me I am producing my best art ever lately! It is a lovely thing to hear. People say they love it. In fact over 300 people liked or loved one piece. This is wonderful I thought, but alas a good reception does not always result in good sales. And at just a fiver a print, oh Globbits.

The Trap Door I remember fondly from 1986, at 15 I should have grown out of kids TV but animation has always been a passion of mine, it was sad I failed to get in to Fareham Art College in 1990 when they just started one of the first animation degrees in the country! Still Newport, Wales made do!

Drawing Musicals was a joy, especially watching loads of them as I drew it, the music alone was wonderful to draw to. One mistake? I don't think people wanted all Musicals in one piece of Art. A number of people have said "if ever you just do a Wicked one", or "I will definitely buy a Les Mis one". It's been a little disappointing to be honest. I thought it would sell like hot cakes but alas not. Still, I think it is some of my finest work and I had a great time drawing it.

300 was wonderful to draw. Whilst the highlight was always going to be a buff Gerard Butler, the background is actually taken from the book, not the film. I think there are enough cross references for most people perhaps not to notice. You really must watch the film if you have not done already - the cinematography is second to none!

The Prodigy and Keith Flint. Firestarter one of my favourite songs and music videos of all time. I did this one for me. And I love it. Out of the 120 ACEOs I have drawn this one is in my top 5 easily! The original has sold, that makes me happy, very happy. And the reaction on Facebook was the BEST EVER reaction for any of the ACEOs I have ever drawn with hundreds of likes! Sales not so good, I wonder if there is a general trend of people not buying artwork. The sales certainly don't match the comments and likes.

So for me a great month's work, disappointing sales, but very rewarding comments and likes on facebook so thank you for those.

Thanks for reading,


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