Colony. One for me.

"Alone" was a drawing just for me, and lots of people seemed to enjoy it. So I thought at some point I would follow it up with another drawing "just for me". And that became "Colony".

At the time of writing, it is still a work in progress, and one I am enjoying very much.

"Colony" is the story of a Queen and those working around her to ensure she has what she needs, and to continue the survival of the colony itself. 

Angels carry food from the skies to the next. Large foodstuffs are processed throughout the nest and find their way to the Queen in the centre of the nest.

Other provisions are flown in. 

Babies are born and nurtured. The Colony will survive.

The structure centres around a termite-style nest and the colour pops follow on from another one of my drawings, "Bug". Even the 5 ladybirds make an appearance. As do the rabbits of madness, and the girl from "Alone".

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