Hyper-sensitive reflexes is how it all began.

about me college history sketchbook

You know when you always know you are different to most people? Well that is me.

I have hyper-sensitive reflexes on my right-hand side (and pain sensors unfortunately) and so I can only concentrate when my right hand or leg is fidgeting!

I did a degree at Newport School of Art & Design in the early 1990s and had to attend Art History lectures. In order to concentrate my hand had to move so I started doodling in my sketch books. I still do this now.

And I drew small as my sketch book was small. And it looked kinda tidy.

And things like that happened. I have also developed hyper-sensitive reflexes on my right side and my hand only feels comfortable when it is moving. 

So you won't be surprised to know that my hand needed to keep moving while I was thinking about what I was going to draw next. So I coloured in the backgrounds, albeit with my black pen and this happened...

And my style gradually became more refined. I will follow this up with how my work went from the above to how it is today!

Speak soon, Bob

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