If Jesus created Rainbows.....

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“If Jesus created rainbows…”

Or “Why I decided to create the “Jesus Christ” drawing”.

A number of comments on my Instagram and Facebook pages have made me think it might be of interest to explain why my latest work is titled “Jesus Christ”.


Comments like “I follow a different path but..” made me wonder if people thought I had to believe in something to draw it;

 Comments like “If Jesus created rainbows why doesn’t he support the LGBT community” gave me much food for thought.

I have much respect for those that are religious, but my passion is in the composition, anatomical perfection and emotion found in “religious art”. Renaissance art in particular.

And the latter is why I drew “Jesus Christ”.

From Michelangelo’s “David” and “The Creation of Adam” to the more brutal work of Dali and Bosch, there is an endless source of inspiration to aid my quest to draw thousands of tiny people and things in intriguing poses. And that is what I am always seeking with each new drawing – better composition and use of “white space”, and a flow through each drawing that pleases the eye from a distance, yet pulls the viewer in to seek detail and humour.

 Whilst titled “Jesus Christ” the work covers The Bible, from before and after Jesus’ time. And I thank the one lady who commented in a Facebook group that she read the title as an “expletive”. It was a tiny part of my decision to title it so. And Art is meant to provoke reaction right?

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