Trainspotting Collection


So i watched one of my favourite films last weekend, and then I watched T2 Trainspotting too. And I love them both, albeit I guess we all love Trainspotting.

And I had to draw it. So i thought well Renton is the main character so lets draw him. And then I thought hold on, all of the cast are so iconic and they are all in unforgettable scenes so now I have to draw the four boys. And hold on, the poster features Diane so I need her too.

Alas Tommy went on holiday straight after mnaking the film and so he didn't feature in any of the promotional material so I could leave it at the 5. And I did.

They are now all available on the ACEO page. I hope you like them. I am pleased with them as it gave me more chance to practice silhouettes. Which are not easy and I haven't done since doing Snape in the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince ACEO.

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