What do you mean, look in the dog?

brad pitt snatch snatch wip WIP

Well that was great fun!! I have watched Snatch 3 more times and had a permanent smile on my face while taking about 12 hours to draw these 4 playing card sized ACEOs!

It was so hard narrowing it down to just 4 of the characters, who knows one day I might go back and do some more. But for now we have Mickey, Brick Top, Bullet-Tooth Tony and Franky Four-Fingers!

I thought I should share some Work in Progress pictures in this Blog as many of you like to see them. It was pretty hard getting these iconic characters right but I am pretty happy with the results. Chuffed to bits that on Instagram the Bullet Tooth Tony ACEO got a like from the real Vinnie Jones himself!

As for the backgrounds, well that was straight forward because pretty much every scene in the movie looks brilliant!! I reckon I could have paused it at any time and had some funny scene to draw!

And as for the quotes, you know what I am going to say here! The entire script is one funny line after another and I simply did not have room, even across 4 art cards to get all the ones in that I wanted to!

Anyway, I think ACEOs numbers 129 through 132 make a neat little set and I hope you like them too!

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