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Art of War Fine Art Print

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The history of warfare in one picture! This contemporary art print is a limited edition run of 50.

The 4th in the series of mini-murals by me depicting The Art of War. 

Paper size is 12x10 inches, drawing fits just inside A4 dimensions, these drawings take me about 30 hours to complete.

This is a professionally printed fine art "giclee" print, featuring a beautiful base and clean, bright white surface which lifts the detail of the image. This acid free paper has been finished with Permajet's superior coating to give a livelier feel to the subject.

Covers history of warfare including Ancient Rome, Agincourt, Boudicca, Nelson, Waterloo, Napoleaon, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan - an unusual present for the soldier, sailor, airman/lady in your life!!

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