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Bug Fine Art Print

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I love drawing from the natural world and this drawing is the 5th in the series which began with Ark, and then went on to Ocean, Reef and Animal.

I have always loved insects and bugs since I was a kid, wondering how ants communicated and how ladybirds stored their wings!. This drawing was a challenge as I wanted it to look like while I was drawing it some bugs just came and sat on the drawing. Realism is not really my thing, so I practiced drawing the ladybirds, butterfly and wasp several times before taking the plunge on the original artwork. I used watercolour pencils, then a little ink here and there for some vibrancy on the ladybirds and the wasp.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did drawing it.

This is a professionally printed fine art "giclee" print, featuring a beautiful base and clean, bright white surface which lifts the detail of the image. This acid free paper has been finished with Permajet's superior coating to give a livelier feel to the subject.

Paper size is 12x10 inches, drawing fits just inside A4 dimensions, this drawing took me 35 hours to draw and paint! Unframed. 


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