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F1 Fine Art Print

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F1 Fine Art Print

I can't draw cars, well not on a tiny scale so have been racking my brain how to do this one for months! Finally it came to me when I saw the Monaco track layout - 3 cars of my heroes - Senna, Schumacher and Mansell, and the Monaco track behind them.

In the background are Formula 1 drivers and personalities from 7 decades, pit crews, marshalls, fans and grid girls. And some wonderful statistics for you in the text - all the Formula 1 Champions from 1950 to 2019 and the Constructors Championship Winners from 2019 back to Lotus in 1970.

This is a professionally printed fine art "giclee" print, featuring a beautiful base and clean, bright white surface which lifts the detail of the image. This acid free paper has been finished with Permajet's superior coating to give a livelier feel to the subject.

Paper size is 12x10 inches, drawing fits just inside A4 dimensions, these drawings take me about 30 hours to complete. Print comes unframed!

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